2016 - Fiesta Flambeau Parade Tickets

Ticket Inquiries

Contact - Ticket Director

Virginia Mitzelman

Cell: (210) 364-5349


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Ticket Sales:

Monday April 6: Fiesta Store 2611 Broadway 10 AM to 3 PM
Wednesday April 8: Fiesta Store 2611 Broadway 10 AM to 3 PM
Friday April 9: Salud Bar 8123 Broadway #D 5-8 PM
Sunday April 12: Salud Bar 8123 Broadway #D 10 AM-2 PM

For all other inquiries, please text Ticket Director Virginia Mitzelman

at (210) 364-5349 or email her at vmitzelman@att.net


Ticket Request Form: 
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Parade Route ( Broadway and Grayson to Santa Rosa and Martin, following Broadway, N. Alamo Street, Commerce Street, and Santa Rosa Street.


Parade Seating Information:

$25 for Alamo Grandstands

$20 for Cenotaph stands

$15 for Alamo Street Bleachers-North (Travis/Houston)

Alamo Street Bleachers-South (Crockett/Commerce)

Alamo Plaza Bleachers; $15 for Maverick and Broadway Bleachers.